We have had excellent success in helping WOMEN with hair loss, even in cases of alopecia
arreata, where there are actual bald patches.  
If we had had the same success in men, I’d be a billionaire!

The major influences on excessive hair loss in women are:

1. Inadequate amounts of high quality dietary protein
2. Too much refined sugar, calcium and cow’s milk products
3. Hormone Imbalances
4. Mineral deficiencies, including zinc, copper and Vitamin deficiencies, especially Vitamin C.
In our BodyChem™ Program, we test for your individual nutrient and dietary deficiencies and make specific recommendations for you.

In cases of hair thinning or hair loss in women, we add our HNS Formula, which contains a special form of
ch-OSA (choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid) that helps stimulate collagen production for hair, skin, nails and bone.


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