Free Lecture By Jay Foster

1. High refined sugar intake can contribute to Type 2 Diabetes
2. High refined sugar intake can contribute to High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides and Heart Disease
3. High refined sugar intake raises insulin level, which can contribute to breast and other cancers.
4. High refined sugar intake can contribute to headaches, ADHD, concentration difficulties, depression and anxiety.
Join Nutritional Biochemist, Jay Foster in FREE Lectures in October, in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County.
He will describe how sugar and carbohydrate intolerance can contribute to a wide array of symptoms that are commonly treated with prescription medications, as traditional physicians have little to no education in nutritional biochemistry.
Jay will describe:
 -How excess sugar and carbohydrate intake can contribute to many symptoms.
 -Natural sugar substitutes that can be used in place of refined sugar
 -The importance of dietary fat for healthy brain function and blood sugar
 -Nutritional Management of Heart and Brain Diseases
 -Natural, proven ways to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Jay explains complicated biochemical terms in easy to understand and often humorous format.

Both lay public and health care practitioners benefit from his lectures.