Outside of South Florida

The BodyChem™ Program
for those outside of South Florida


Travel to Miami, stay overnight at the Marriott Hotel near to our building, come into our office for doctor’s visit and testing and receive the results by mail or fax, with a telephone consultation on the results.
Marriott Hotel
Courtyard Inn


Have your doctor sign an authorization letter for us to test you and make nutritional recommendations. (We will fax the doctor a special letter they need to sign). Your physician then orders the blood test and we send you a kit to submit the sample for mineral and metal analysis, along with forms to fill out. We send you the results by mail or fax and schedule a telephone conversation on the results.

For more information on our long distance programs,
please call 1-800-CHEMIST (1-800-243-6478)
or 305-670-6702.
Our Fax number is: 305-670-2227.

Or write:
Body Chemistry Associates, Inc.
PO Box 441058
Miami, FL 33144