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Nutrition & Your Health

More and more, science is revealing benefits of Nutrition for the prevention of degenerative disease and the maintenance of optimal health.

Many people today spend thousands of dollars, taking many different supplements, off the shelf, without really knowing what their bodies truly need.

The BodyChem™ Program is a revolutionary approach to determining your individual nutritional needs. Created by Nutritional Biochemist, Jay D. Foster, in 1982, it has been experienced by thousands of people from around the world for nearly two decades.

Now – you can experience the
Health Care of the Future™!

  • Find out what vitamins you need
  • Discover chemical imbalances
  • Improve your mind!
  • Think clearer!
  • Get more energy!
  • Take control of your Health!
  • Enjoy your Life!

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BodyChem™ Programs

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The BodyChem™ Program was designed by Nutritional Biochemist Jay Foster.
Mr. Foster has over 35 years of experience in Human Nutritional Biochemistry & Applied Clinical Nutrition.

The BodyChem™ Program Steps:

After a brief interview with a staff physician,
We order a panel of 50 individual blood tests,
We analyze for 15 essential minerals and toxic metals,
We ask you over 70 additional questions about your diet, symptoms and past health history.

And that’s just the beginning
When we get your results back, we use a computer-assisted analysis of all the data and Mr. Foster recommends specific dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations for your individual biochemical profile.
30 days later we order another blood test to monitor your progress and adjust your formulas.

Most of our clients are able to cut their nutrient recommendations by about half at this point.
90 days later we order another blood panel and mineral/metal analysis to determine your ongoing needs.
Most of our clients are put on a maintenance level of recommended nutrients at this time.

You can add any single or a combination of these profiles to the Basic BodyChem™ Program:

1. Cardio-Nutrition Profile: $100.00

Cardio CRP (C-Reactive Protein), a measure of inflammation in and around the heart, a risk factor for heart disease.
Fibrinogen, measures the tendency to form blood clots, a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

2. IgG Food Sensitivity Test
IgG Standard (115 foods – list): $695.00
IgG Comprehensive (154 foods- list): $795.00

Food Sensitivivities Tested
Includes Elimination Program
Instructional Materials

All laboratory tests are ordered by licensed physicians.

Follow-up Testing

Aproximately 4 months after beginning the Basic BodyChem Program, we recommend:

Follow-up Mineral Analysis, Blood Test, Symptom Evaluation, Nutritional Recommendations with Telephone Consultation: $285.00 – NOW INCLUDED

From time to time, you may want to re-check your blood chemistry and have your nutrient levels adjusted.

Follow-up Blood Test, Symptom Evaluation, Nutritional Recommendations with Telephone Consultation: $195.00

Additional Testing and Consultations available as needed, on an individual basis.
Please call our office to discuss your individual needs and how we may best serve you.

305.670.6702 or 1.800.CHEMIST (1.800.243.6478)

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