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Body Chemistry Associates, Inc was established in 1982
by Nutritional Biochemist Jay D. Foster.

We design dietary and vitamin programs that are tailored to your individual needs.

We test for vitamin & mineral deficiencies, toxic metals and
chemical imbalances that may contribute to your symptoms.

We also offer the Highest Quality Nutritional Formulas called
Chem*Star Formulations, based upon Mr. Foster's research and
more than 38 years of clinical experience.


Latest News

It is Malnutrition Awareness Week!

Traditional physicians in the U.S. are taught that true malnutrition is very rare in developed countries, like the USA.  However, we find that subclinical malnutrition runs rampant here.

Subclinical basically says that your doctor may not recognize nutrient deficiencies, because of what they were taught and weren’t taught in medical school.

Let’s take Vitamin C as an example.  According to the Merck Manual, What are symptoms of scurvy, due to a Vitamin C deficiency?  

Symptoms include fatigue, depression, and connective tissue defects (like gingivitis, rash, internal bleeding, impaired wound healing). 

Do you know anyone with bleeding gums, depression or tiredness?   Most doctors look for other reasons, because they are taught we get enough Vitamin C in our diet.   Emerging research says that we are biochemically and genetically unique and some people may need more Vitamin C, B vitamins, Folic Acid than others to maintain optimal health. Some people need 1000mg Vitamin C, some may need 5000mg ascorbate or more.  The same applies to B vitamins, Folic Acid and other nutrients.

We test you for individual nutritional needs and biochemical imbalances.  Once deleted, natural formulations and diet may make significant differences in your health and symptoms.

Call 1-800-243-6478 (1-800-CHEMIST) for more information on our BodyChem™ Programs of testing and natural recommendations that we have been doing since 1982.

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