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Jay D. Foster

Nutritional Biochemist

Jay Foster has been involved in the field of Applied Clinical Nutrition for more than 40 years. He is a Licensed Nutrition Counselor in Florida and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN). He was appointed to the Scientific Council of the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board in 1990. In 1982, Mr. Foster established Body Chemistry Associates, Inc. in Miami and he is the President and Executive Director.

In addition to his private practice, Mr. Foster consults with physicians both locally and internationally. He has been interviewed extensively on local media and for over 20 years, he had hosted his own radio program, “Health Connection Radio”, in South Florida. Recorded broadcasts are available on this website and now Jay hosts a podcast, “Health Connection Radio”, available on Apple Podcasts, just search Jay Foster and get the latest information on Health and Nutrition. Call 1-800-CHEMIST (1-800-243-6478) or visit for more info.

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Body Chemistry Associates, Inc was established in 1982 by Nutritional Biochemist Jay D. Foster. We design dietary and vitamin programs that are tailored to your individual needs.

We test for vitamin & mineral deficiencies, toxic metals and chemical imbalances that may contribute to your symptoms.

We also offer the Highest Quality Nutritional Formulas called Chem*Star Formulations, based upon Mr. Foster’s research and more than 38 years of clinical experience.

ChemStar Formulations

— Understanding Your Body —

Our Testing Programs

The Chemistry of Nutrition

Many people today are deficient in nutrients!

The BodyChem™ Program

Experience the health care of the Future™!

Outside of Florida

The BodyChem™ Program for those outside of Florida.

The Chemistry of Nutrition

Are Vitamins & Mineral Supplements Necessary?
  • Many people today are deficient in nutrients!
  • Each nutrient affects a unique set of chemical reactions in the body.
  • Toxic metals can significantly affect the health of both children and adults.

Vitamins and Minerals act as essential co-enzymes and co-factors, allowing your enzymes to do their vital work, carrying out the essential chemical reactions in every cell of the body. Each nutrient affects a unique set of chemical reactions in the body.

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The BodyChem™ Program

The BodyChem™ Program was designed by Nutritional Biochemist Jay Foster.
  • Jay Foster has over 40 years of experience in Human Nutritional Biochemistry & Applied Clinical Nutrition.
  • Find out what vitamins you need
  • Discover chemical imbalances
  • Take control of your Health!

More and more, science is revealing benefits of Nutrition for the prevention of degenerative disease and the maintenance of optimal health. The BodyChem™ Program is a revolutionary approach to determining your individual nutritional needs.

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Outside of Florida

The BodyChem™ Program for those outside of Florida.
  • Access to the BodyChem™ program from anywhere!
  • Multiple options available, with or without travel.
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