The BodyChem™ Program for those outside of Florida

Option 1

We can accept clients for anyone living anywhere in Florida:

  • Right now, due to Covid-19, we do all appointments by phone or video call.
  • We can mail a kit for the Trace Mineral and Toxic Metal profiles and send you to a lab in your zip code for the blood tests.
  • Consultations on the results may be done by phone or video call.

Option 2

For those living outside of Florida:

  • You can ask your doctor to sign an authorization letter for us to test you and make recommendations for you.
  • We have a special letter for them to sign and we will also submit a list of blood tests they need to order.
  • We will send you a kit to cut a hair sample for Minerals and Toxic Metals, as well as questionnaires for you to fill out.
  • The questionnaires will ask you about your diet, symptoms and past history.
Please contact our office for available appointments or with questions on how our programs may benefit you.