Are Vitamins & Mineral Supplements Necessary?

Many people today are deficient in nutrients!

Vitamins and Minerals act as essential co-enzymes and co-factors, allowing your enzymes to do their vital work, carrying out the essential chemical reactions in every cell of the body. Each nutrient affects a unique set of chemical reactions in the body. It is now possible, through advanced biochemical testing to determine chemical imbalances and individual nutritional requirements to balance the body chemistry. For example a Copper deficiency can slow the production of adrenaline, contributing to fatigue and depression. Magnesium deficiencies are known to contribute to heart problems, muscle fatigue and the development of calcium deposits.

Toxic Metals, such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Aluminum can contribute to a wide variety of symptoms in the Brain, Central Nervous System and the rest of the body. These toxic metals can significantly affect the health of both children and adults.

If you have elevations of cholesterol or triglycerides, it may have less to do with your dietary intake of fat and more to do with underlying chemical imbalances that can be detected and corrected, often with just the right nutrients.

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Symptoms of Biochemical and Nutritional Imbalances

Headaches, fatigue, inflammation, allergies, anxiety, depression, hypertension, mood swings, obesity, learning disorders, sexual dysfunction, constipation, PMS, skin problems, migraines, anemias, and many more.