Certain nutrients and botanicals have been shown to help prevent and possibly reverse the aging process. Our H.N.S. Formula helps to nourish hair, nails and skin with collagen promoters that also help bone. Our “1000 Glasses of Red Wine” is an advanced resveratrol formula that has shown promise in many anti-aging properties.

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“1000 Glasses of Red Wine” (Resveratrol)


Resveratrol is found in varying amounts in grapes, various berries, plums, peanuts (and pines). Oral resveratrol is rapidly metabolized by the liver. The methylation of resveratrol (as in Pterostilbene) results in dramatically higher hepatic metabolic stability and intestinal absorption, compared to regular resveratrol. Quercitin, pterostilbene and resveratrol are synergistic antioxidants, with quercitin seemingly aiding in the absorption of resveratrol.