Taped Broadcasts 2017


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Recent shows on Health Connection Radio with Jay Foster.
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Taped Broadcasts 2017

01-03-17: Folic Acid Awareness Week – But What About B12?, 01-04-17: The Importance of Probiotics and the Hazards of Antibiotic Misuse, 01-06-17: Health Topics in the News & Open Phones, 01-09-17: Grapefruit, Soy Products and Other Foods That Affect Hormone Levels, 01-10-17: Headaches & Migraines – A Natural Approach, 01-11-17: High Insulin Levels – Risk for Heart Disease, Breast Cancers and Obesity, 01-12-17: Why Supplementation of Trace Elements is Vital vs. Dietary Sources, 01-13-17: Health Topics in the News & Open Phones, 02-02-17: It’s Medication Madness! Why are we drugging our toddlers?, 02-03-17: Health Topics in the News & Open Phones, 02-06-17: Nutrients Essential for Healthy Thyroid Function, 02-07-17: Heart Month – Minerals Essential for a Healthy Heart – Magnesium & Chromium, 02-08-17: Cancer Prevention with Diet & Nutrients, 02-13-17: Natural Solutions to Digestive Problems, 02-14-17: Heart Month – Natural Control of Cholesterol & Triglycerides