In February of 1998, Dr. Atkins came to my studio on one of the many interviews I did with him. We were discussing his new book, Dr. Atkins’ Vita Nutrient Solution (Simon & Schuster, 1998) After the interview, I asked him to sign a copy of his book for me. Here’s what he wrote:

from the original KETO doctor…. Robert Atkins, M.D. by Jay Foster

Jay is scary smart about nutrition!
He always calls back clients when they have questions. Who does that?!?

CG Miami, FL

I have been a client for 11 years now and after testing my blood and hair it was recommended I use Health Guard. It’s made a difference. Body Chemistry Associates is wonderfully holistic health center.

L. Haber

I really recommend Jay Foster. He has taken care of our family for 2 decades. I had a situation in which I had trouble breathing and other symptoms and I went to many doctors and none of them solved my problem till I came to Mr. Foster. Within just a few weeks, I found out I was hypoglycemic (blood sugar disorder)I was put on a diet and took his supplements. I feel 100 percent better, thanks to him. I’m almost 60 years old and I still don’t have diabetes either, which I was told I was at risk for. An ex-family member was also helped by him. As a baby, she had severe developmental delays that were probably caused by her mother taking aluminum antacids when she was pregnant with her. She recovered 100 percent. I was told she was not even walking at the time she began with him.


1984. The year that I 1st heard Jay Foster speak about nutritional deficiencies & natural solutions. I’d been to 2 M.D.’s for a health problem that worsened. I made an apt. with Jay. Never have I regretted that decision. Through various tests, Jay identified my problem, gave me a reasonable solution which resolved my problem & improved my health immeasurably. One of his most notable attributes is his availability. To illustrate: My appendix had ruptured. I was put on an IV of antibiotics for one week. I was concerned about the negative effect on good bacteria. From the hospital I left a message for Jay. Within the hour he returned my call with excellent advice. Much, much later I learned that he had been on vacation out of Florida. I don’t know any doctors who would do this. Jay is not the average, run-of-the-mill nutritionist who just wants to sell vitamins. His credentials & years of experience put him in the creme-de-la-creme category. When I follow his advice, I feel terrific. Throughout all these years I have remained his client. And I will continue to do so in the many years to come.


I have been with Body Chemistry more than 20 years and I am 20 years healthier and happier!!!


Look what your supplements have done for me!

Thanks Jay Foster!

D.O. age 87

After going from one doctor after another about a blood sugar problem I was having, I went to a lecture given by Jay Foster. For the first time I heard my problem described and what can be done about it. I made an appointment with him and found his method not only helped my reactive hypoglycemia but several other problems I had.
Thanks Jay,


I have been seeing Jay since 1997 and thanks to the supplements that Jay has suggested my cholesterol is within normal limits and the dexa scan results have improved with each scan.
Thanks Jay,


I have been helped by the Body Chemistry program since 1996 when I came from the Boston area to Miami. By accident I turned to Jay Foster’s radio program and was intrigued by the fascinating health information I heard for the first time. After listening to several programs, I decided to make an appointment and ask for help. I had suffered from migraine headaches for over 25 years. They were so debilitating that all I could do was hide under the covers and sleep through the days. No medication really helped. With three children to take care of and headaches that came almost every week, I tried to survive. I thought that living like this would be forever, and then I discovered Jay Foster! He met with me and told me that I probably had food allergies, that if I eliminated whatever caused my headaches, I would get rid of them. No one had ever suggested this, with all my visits to the doctors. So after blood tests at Immuno Laboratories, I found out that I was allergic to many foods. I went on a strict elimination diet and my headaches disappeared!! I felt like a new person! I was so grateful to Jay Foster and went on his vitamin/nutrient regimen and have been healthy to this day. I just celebrated 71 years and feel like I am in my 30s. Jay Foster introduced concepts to me that I was totally unaware of. He directed me to a healthy life style for which I will always be grateful!


I want to thank you, Jay Foster.
You were a godsend in my life. I couldn’t breathe, I was crying a lot, I was nervous. I even had to put my kids in daycare because I couldn’t function. I went to every doctor there was and you knew what is was right away. Hypoglycemia. You put me on vitamins and a diet and I got my life back. I owe my life and my sanity to you. You also helped a relative of mine. Her daughter could hardly walk and talk and a host of other symptoms because their mom, took antacid pills by the dozens when she was pregnant. Now, she is an adult and doing fine.


Dear Mr. Foster,
Words cannot express the joy and release I experienced when the results of my PAP test came back “normal” for the first time in 26 yrs. For the 1st 13 years, in New York, where I lived, no doctor was able to diagnose or even knew what was wrong with me. I have had countless surgical interventions. My white blood cell count has been low for 26yrs, and a doctor even told me that there was nothing to worry about. All of that misinformation came to an end the morning I stumbled upon your radio program, and made that first phone call. Your tests indicated that I was deficient in folic acid and other nutrients. I had been taking regular folic acid for years, so I decided to try your Tri-Folate formula. Within 6 weeks after starting your program, my white blood cell count was normal, for the first time in 26 years. I have no more depression or confusion and my blood sugar is normal. My memory is improving every day and I feel very focused. I sleep very well at night and lost 14 pounds. My digestion and bloating have improved as well. I have lots of energy and I feel renewed. I cannot thank God enough for the gift that he has placed in your heart to produce this miracle in my life. Now, I can look forward to enjoying my grandchildren and my golden years.
Thank you a million times over.

F.B., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I would like to thank you very much for everything you have done for me. When I first became a cleint I was borderline Osteoporosis, even after being on medication for two years. I have been on your program now 2 1/2 years and have never felt better. I started going from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia to now being Normal. I use to have bone spurs and couldn’t even wear closed shoes, I always had to wear clogs or sandals. I had fibroids and they all went away. I used to react to certain things and after I avoided the foods I was allergic to from your IgG test I am no longer getting rashes and bumps..
I would recommend anyone and everyone to do the BodyChem Program.

GC, Coconut Grove, FL

Dear Body Chemistry,
Before coming to your office, I had been to five doctors, including an endocrinologist and they all told me I either had chronic fatigue syndrome, or nothing was wrong with me. My symptoms included panic attacks, overwhelming fatigue, constant dizziness and difficulty concentrating, to the point that I was almost unable to work. I was shocked when the last doctor recommended a psychiatrist. I decided not to acccept this recommendation and came to see you.

I followed your dietary and nutritional advice and in the first 3 months, I feel better now than I have in over a year. My blood sugar levels have been much more stable. This improvement has been gradual and steady. I have recommended your program to friends and family members.
Thank you.

MC, North Miami, FL

I flew down from Boston to do the BodyChem Program, as I was looking for a natural solution for my high cholesterol. I’m feeling so much better, all over and I’m very excited that my cholesterol level is lower, even though I have been eating alot more eggs. (You were right!).

CC, Boston, MA

I brought my son in, who was diagnosed with speech delay and sensory integration concerns. After having him on your program this past year, he is now talking up a storm and doing much better! He has caught up in his learning and is now performing beyond his age level. We’re very glad we found your program, though family members advised us to stay with traditional medicine.
Thank you!

JC, Pembroke Pines, FL

I feel much better on your program. I am no longer sleepy after eating, overall increased energy and my digestion is much better.. I used to have horrible menstrual cramps and they are now gone. I didn’t even realize that I was getting my period this month. I used to have a dry itchy scalp and now the irritation is gone. My late day blurry vision has improved, also.

HT, Vero Beach, FL

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your radio show and the information you give out to people. Your topics are interesting and informative and are at the cutting edge of the field of nutrition. Thanks for your taped broadcasts on the website and for all you do.

B.W. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I brought my son to you who had been diagnosed with autism shortly after receiving his vaccinations. He stopped developing and seemed to regress. After having him tested with your service and starting on the dietary and nutritional supplements you recommended, he has been a different child. He’s making eye contact again and has been talking more ever since. Thanks for your incredible service. I have already recommended you to many friends in my support group.

M.B. – Miami, FL

When I first came in to The BodyChem Program, my doctor had prescribed a drug for my high cholesterol. I wanted to try the natural route first and a friend had told me about your services. I was surprised at being able to eat eggs and other high cholesterol foods on your dietary recommendations, but I trusted the information and did a follow up blood test in one month. Even though I was eating more fatty foods and eggs, my cholesterol dropped almost one hundred points on your recommendations and natural formulas.
Thanks again!

S.M. West Palm Beach, FL

My bone density tests revealed osteopenia in part of my spine and osteoporosis in the rest of the spine and hips. I’ve been following your program since 2002 and each bone density since then has improved. My doctor initially recommended medication for my condition, but I’m glad I took your Bone Appetit and other nutrients you recommended after seeing my test results. My goal was to reverse my bone loss without medications and you have helped me reach that goal.
Thank you.

R.S. Homestead, FL

Your vitamins are great! I started taking your Super Q Gel after having side effects from my cholesterol medication. Taking your formula took away all my muscle pain. I also take your Health Guard Advanced Formula and have more energy since starting it.

D.F. Atlanta, GA

I used to suffer from headaches, fatigue, insomnia and severe anxiety. Since starting your program, all are significantly better and I feel better than I have in years.

W.H. Nassau, Bahamas

I followed your advise and within one month my cholesterol dropped from 279 to 192 within one month. I did not want to take statins and am very glad I did not.
Thank you and please continue your good work.